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Hello everyone,

Thank you for checking out my very first Blog. My website was set up to showcase my art. I have done Craft Shows for 25+ years. I hand paint all of my items, love to paint on unusual things. My Husband and I spend every Saturday out hunting for treasures to recycle. I have been a School Bus Driver for over 15 years. I started going to tag sales when I realized I could find awesome leftover birthday party favors to give to my Kindergarten kids as prizes for a great job on the bus. What I discovered was how many cool things there was out there to paint on. Often things that have never been out of the box. I have discovered I have a talent for finding blow out sales at store, sometimes I can get 10-15 of the item at once.  Vintage sales are great! Love to find great things from the past. You would be amazed at what people collect.

My Friend Sue and I once went to a Estate Sale and the Woman collected Nut crackers. They were everywhere in the house. Lined on the back of the Stove, fireplace, and bathroom on every surface that would hold one. She had Nutcracker’s in coffin looking boxes. Did you know you can get a Nutcracker for every holiday? She had thousands of them. Here was my lesson from this sale, I collect Santa’s, have 4 display cases through my house and about 20 tubs we bring down from the attic to decorate with. They are arranged throughout my house in displays, I take everything else down for the season that starts the day after Thanksgiving. (None are any toilet areas, Yuck!)  I have decided I would like to be buried with a lot of my Santa’s so no one thinks I’m weird, right! I had flashes of what my Estate Sale would look likeL.

Maybe when I get this year’s displays set up I will post photos, I have a twelve foot tree filled with Vintage and New Santa’s pictures due not due service to.

I hope you check out my new site, we are still working hard on it so bookmark me to check back often.


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