Winter, Hand painted, Snowman Lantern. This Frosty Christmas lantern can be out well after the holiday season is over. Flame less Candles

Shop-GoldPicMonkey CollagechristmasWarm up the holidays with this 11 inch high by 6 inch wide Winter Snowman Lantern. Insert any candle you like and enjoy. Each Snowman Lantern is hand painted so each one is unique. Sealed so it can hang outside on a covered porch. Makes a great centerpiece with some greens around the base. Metal and glass. New! $24.95 + 8.99 Shipping.

The best way to clean is with damp cloth on painted area. Duster works well to.

This unique item will draw attention inside or outside. If you would like two for each side of your door, contact me about painting a different set of Snowmen on a second lantern.

This Snowman lantern makes a great gift! Get one for yourself and the Snowman Collectore in your life.


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